Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quiet Time

Yes, gentle readers, I can already here the gasps of surprise, but I've been going through a less "busy" period.

Action? I could have it. I just don't.

However, I often let my fingers make up for the difference.

I close my eyes and imagine a favorite fantasy--like having four or five men with hard cocks just waiting to pound my wet pussy. I spread my fingers and immediately go for my clit--it takes almost no warm-up to get started.

In my mind, one guy is nuzzling my pussy with his mouth while another sticks his cock in my mouth. I reach for the other cock and indicate that the guy should press it between my breasts. The final one gets my hands.

It does not take long for the first guy to be ready to enter me. I tell him that, since he's done such a good job, he'll be first in line. For now, though, he has to trade places with the guy in my mouth so that guy can earn his right to fuck my pussy. The guy in my mouth withdraws, and I taste myself on the first one's face as he kisses me while the second one gets to work on a second gushing orgasm from me.

I spread my legs and then tighten my thights around his face. He begins sucking my clit. I begin sucking the guy who just did such a good job, but it is hard to concentrate.

I am coming . . . in real life and in my fantasy. My hand is soaked. I suck on it, while the guys in my mind change spots.

Finally, the third goes to work. He begins licking gently. I make him stop. I turn over and get on my knees, and direct him to do his work from behind. I have to reposition everyone, so I alternate between two cocks in my mouth. I direct the guy who hasn't served me yet to go hold my pussy open for the one who is licking me. Before long, I realize they have excelled in the joint endeavor. One is licking my ass while the other licks my pussy. I stop sucking the cocks because the pleasure is so intense. I just soak up the feel of tongues and fingers. One of the other two gets the idea and slides under me, placing his lips directly on my clit. I explode in an orgasm, and the guy under me actually makes choking noises.

I tell the one who was not involved in the three-way licking to clean up the mess. I roll over on my back and kiss and lick the three who have just excelled as the fourth cleans my pussy with his tongue.

When I am satisfied with the cleaning, I let the first one go between my legs with his cock. I lean back with complete pleasure, completely satisfied.

Monday, December 10, 2007

After the Break

A very wise and perverted man once said that it is good to experiment with monogamy sometimes because it reminds us why we live on the other side of the tracks.

My experiment ended abruptly and painfully. Friends sometimes question my willingness to meet men through Internet contact because they believe some of my casual encounters might be dangerous. However, although I consider proper precautions to be important whenever I meet someone new, no one I met for sex has ever hurt me in the way it hurts when a more traditional relationship ends. It makes me think that a big part of traditional, monogamous relationships is the fear it instills--fear because you know this might end badly, and fear because you know you have given away your power more fully than any bottom in any group thing anywhere.

My recent break-up with us, delivered suddenly after I agreed to his request that we date exclusively, set me back emotionally. I have been unable to post. It was so bad I did not visit Jefferson over at http://www.onelifetaketwo.com/ for over a month. Fortunately, I have found constant solace in some of my like-minded friends. Like N. Everybody needs a friend like N. Here's why:

N and I did not fuck until the second time we met. I don't even remember why. During our first meeting, I suggested that I would like to visit a lake in a nature preserve near the restaurant where we ate. We did not arrive until after dark. N did not so much kiss me as begin eating me out at my mouth--I could tell that his tongue had a great sense of direction.

I placed my leg over the gear shift to balance across his lap, my legs spread. N squeezed my nipples. I was already very wet from the riding his cock through our clothes--sort of a dry hump minus the dry.

I pulled the seam of my pantyhose until I heard a rip.

"Oh my god," I saw N's eyes travel to my crotch. "You are so dirty. I can't believe you are ripping off your own clothes."

Instead of answering, I inserted my fingers into the hole and shoved my panties aside.

"How can you say I'm dirty?" I kissed him. "After all, I'm wearing these little white panties."

With that, I plunged my fingers into my slit as I looked into N's eyes. He looked down, watching as I pulled my fingers out. I brought them to his mouth and joined him in licking them clean.

"You taste good."

"There's plenty more of that." We kissed again, enjoying the taste of my juices. As I opened my eyes, I saw lights--lots of light. Busted.

"Tell them we are a married couple looking to 'spice things up,'" I said as I rolled over to my own seat and adjusted my skirt.

N started the car and drove away. The police did not follow.

I felt just a little regretful, wishing for the chance to show them what their fellow officer had enjoyed the week before.

And then, there was the time we got a room . . . .

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cuffed and Stuffed

Ok, the title of this post is trite. But I avoided a play on the word "arrested," so indulge me.

I met B on adultfriendfinder. After just a few emails, we were convinced we were equally kinky and had to meet. Most of B's questions revolved around how much I squirt, and his interest intensified when I clarified that I gush rather than squirt.

Although I don't like chat--since it is something I can't do when my hands are busy, and they almost always are--I had a chat session with B. We exchanged numbers.

B and I set up a meeting for after his shift patrolling a rough section of Chicago. We decided to meet at my old marital home, which I sometimes use as a weekend getaway.

I prepared for our date--I picked up the house a little, bathed, shaved my pussy, and lit some candles. After a text from B asking about drinks, I set up a little wet bar on a bedside table. From time to time, I had to lay back and masturbate as I waited. I forced myself not to gush full-force, taking my finger off my clit each time I felt the walls of my pussy move in to kiss each other.

Off and on, we texted each other. I figured it was the least I could do to encourage a man who was working a long shift as a police officer and was still going to come over and satisfy me.

"Do i get 2 see ur trick?"

(I searched my brain for a trick, then remembered I had told B about some of my special cock-sucking techniques--see "More Fun with My Toy").

"If you convince me you deserve it."

"ohhhh, gonna do what I have 2 to see."

"You arent getting anything until your face is covered in my juices I come first and last."

"I like that!"

"I am gonna use you as a seat and grind my pussy all over your face."

"Use me any way u want."

"I will I don't need your permission you will be the one doing what I say."

"Give me a hint on a demand."

"Get between my legs and use your teeth on the sides of my clit."

"Good. Make sure ur nice and tasty!!"

"O I think you are forgetting who makes demands."

"U got me hard as a fucking rock."

"Well, maybe ill take care of that maybe i wont i tell you when and if you get off."

"Oh u really want 2 dom me huh."

"I might or might relax and let you do all the work but you better impress me"

"Use me how u want :)"

"You can count on that."

"U like ur ass rimmed?"

"Yes another nice place to use my juices."

"Good, im gonna tease that ass 2."

. . .

"Sorry back now had to take care of things you've got me hot."

"Oh save some squirting gonna slip my finger in ur tight ass when ur cumming."

"Oh god."

"U like?"

"Get over here."

"U want me 2 fuck ur ass 2?"

"No im a vigin."

"K then ill be gentle w a finger u like that though right?"


"Lick it tease it slip a finger in."

"Pay attention my juices will help get things nice & wet."

Finally, B arrived. He sweetly began to take his place on my couch.

"The drinks are in the bedroom."

"Oh." He raised his eyebrows and began walking in the direction I indicated.

We sat on the bed with our drinks. After a long time (like three minutes), he placed his hand on my thigh. Looking into my eyes, he found my bare pussy and slipped in a finger.

I eased back. He began pumping my cunt with his hand, getting rewarded with a quick little orgasms that left his fingers wet. I brought his hand to my mouth and licked it before kissing him.

"Time for the trick." I patted the bed, and he laid back. I took his cock out of his jeans. It was, as he had warned me, only 7 inches--but nice and think. I liked the slight curve. He had shaved his balls, and the fresh smell of Irish Spring tickled my nose as I felt his slight stubble in the palms of my hands.

I took his already hard cock in my mouth and gave him a nice lollypop. Enjoying his moans, I repeated. It was too thick for me to take into my mouth without touching it, so I blew on it gently before lowering my mouth, opened as wide as I could, down. I then pulled up for a lollypop.

"Oh, god."

I pulled off him and grinned. "Break time."

I put one knee on each side of his shoulders and lowered my cunt onto his mouth. As promised, he began nuzzling me and licking up and down vigorously. I felt my first gush coming, and lowered my feet to the floor. With his head on the edge of the bed, I pushed my pussy onto his face.

I lifted off when I heard his muffled exclamations.

"Oh my god. That was wet. I almost drowned. You DO gush a lot."

"Too much?"

"God, no." With that, B reached between my legs and hooked his index finger into the very edge of my butt so that I had to ease forward, back over his face. He began working my ass as his tongue returned to my clit.

Thoroughly happy, I took his entire cock into my mouth. I pulled out and spit up and down it several times before blowing in a spiral motion up and down the shaft. I then bent over him and deep-throated him while he continued eating me.

After two more wet orgasms, I rolled to the side. "I want you on top." B complied, straddling my face. I did not have to tell him to fuck my face. He took the invitation of my open mouth and pumped vigorously. He pounded my pussy with what had to be four fingers. I felt myself cumming, and lifted my head--taking his cock even deeper than seemed possible while my body attempted to curl itself into a happy little ball.

"Shit! I never saw anything like that."

I pushed his thighs backwards, extricating B's dick from my throat. "Just fuck me!"

B complied. I wanted him on top of me, and he mounted me on his knees, between my parted legs. "Just fuck me," I repeated as he lowered himself and I began devouring his face.

B complied. He rode me for several minutes. "Just keep it like this," I whispered. He had my pussy highly sensitive, and I spread myself open so that my clit remained exposed to his thrusts.

I lost count of my orgasms, but I counted ten as the total early into his mounting me. I had several little ones before exploding, squeezing B out in the process.

Seeing his exposed dick, I cried for him to bring it to my mouth. I sucked him off, nearly choking when he finally released his load down my throat, the size of the load a testament to the truth of his statement that it had been two weeks since he had fucked. I swallowed as quickly as I could. Not being greedy, I opened my mouth to share. He turned away.

"More for me." I spit some cum into my hands and massaged my breasts.

We finally parted, but I cannot wait for my next brush with the police!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Adventures with My Toy--After the Car Ride

S and I almost regretted it when traffic cleared because it meant the end of our car ride. The new toy had stayed anchored between my legs almost the entire time, providing S and sometimes a fellow motorist with a show. I was very, very wet by the time we got home. When we pulled in to my house, I stashed the toy in its bag and helped S clean my hands and fingers.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

"Don't wipe away any of that wonderful pre-cum you mentioned," I said. "Haven't I told you I love being a cum dump? The only way I want you cleaned up is if I do it."

I found him in the bedroom. He was standing to take off his jeans. I placed my hands around the outside of his thighs as I lowered myself to my mattress, which is very low and near the floor.

I took his cock in my mouth, not touching it with my lips as it went in--only blowing on it. I then tightened my lips and pulled up quickly, as if for a lollypop. As my mouth came to the end, I did not pop and let go but began sucking hard to pull it back into my mouth. I loved feeling him get harder and harder, and felt intoxicated by the taste of his pre-cum.

I felt S's hands rocking me back by my shoulders. He pushed me back onto the bed and swiveled my hips to one side. I gasped in anticipation as he lifted my short skirt, remembering all of the times he had promised to lick me for hours and not to be satisfied until his face was soaked.

I cooperated, pulling my skirt up so my pussy was exposed. I spread my legs wide, bringing my feet together behind S's neck.

S began teasing me with kisses on my upper thighs, but I could not stand it. I tightened my feet against the back of his head, shoving it into my cunt.

His first few kisses were running his tongue up one side of my clit and down the other. My clit is very large and protrudes so there are actually four very sensitive sides in addition to the top. He gave each side the needed attention before sucking the top and pulling my entire clit into his mouth.

I wriggled as I released my first gush into his mouth. I pulled myself up to watch him licking frantically.

"Don't worry; there's lots more." I shoved his head deeper. "No," I moaned as he lifted his head away. I reached for his head, crazy at the thought he would move from between my legs.

I need not have worried. Instead of moving away, he ground his stubbly chin into the top of my pussy. I gasped as he pulled my legs even wider, moving his chin downward toward my open, hungry cunt. As his chin moved, he leaned forward and began tracing after it with his tongue, all the way until his chin had tickled my ass and his tongue began to move inside of it. He abruptly pulled his tongue out and began repeating the entire performance. I heard my juices hitting his face and head.

"You almost drowned me," he looked up from me from where he had placed his head on my stomach. I could feel the juices dripping from his face, and knew the bed beneath us was hot and soaked.

"More. Please." I begged.

S laughed as he again brought his chin down on my outer mound, this time wiggling back and forth until it found my clit. He repeated the chit-to-asshole stroke three more times. Each time my happy pussy marked his arrival at my clit by gushing loudly against his face.

"Come up here."

S complied and brought me my juices. He leaned over me and kissed me as I cleaned the juices from his face, neck, and chest. I brought them back to his mouth on my tongue again and again.

I squeezed his cock, amazed to find it still hard. "Here." I patted my chest.

S complied by placing a knee on each side of my chest, his ass over my face. I guided his hips downward until his balls touched my lips. I opened wide and sucked, and the balls went into my mouth as if there was a magnetic attraction. I swished the balls and tongued S's sac while reaching through his legs with my right hand. As I began massaging his hard cock, he leaned forward to my pussy.

"Fuck my mouth," I ordered. I tipped my head back and opened my mouth completely as he stuck his cock into my mouth. I stubbornly refused to suck, slapping his butt until he was pounding my throat at the rythym I wanted.

I heard the rustling of a sack, followed by the hum of my new toy.

S pulled upward on my thigh, and I thrust my hips unward. I expected the huge dildo to enter my pussy, but instead felt the huge, vibrating nubs at the end against my ass. I ground into them.

"Please give me some more."

I felt a warm sensation, which I realized later was lube--something I had never tried--being massaged into my ass. S again pulled my legs up and open and then moved his head to my ass.

I screamed from almost the second he pulled it open with a finger at each side and inserted his tongue. I bucked my clit against his chin. I did not know I was cumming again until I heard S coughing. Instead of letting me up, he pushed my legs further open. My ass felt like he was trying to stick his entire head inside.

After I came again, I pulled S's cock from my mouth. He turned around, instinctively aware that I wanted to put all the attention on his cock. I patted my chest, asking him to mount me again the same way. This time, he faced me. I pulled my short dress up and over my head, then scooped each breast up out of its bra cup.

"Here," I said. I lifted the middle part of the bra.


"Yeah, right here." S was a quick learner. He stuck his cock under my bra--one of my favorite positions. The bra holds it between my breasts. I squeezed them together around S's cock and began moving up and down. As he began thrusting, I lowered my mouth so that the tip of his cock popped in and out of my mouth with each thrust.

"Where do you want me to come?"

I told S that my last birthday wish was a pearl necklace. He granted my wish, and laid beside me as we cleaned each other up. He was adorably reluctant when I gave him his cum on my finger tips, but gobbled it up greedily once I used it as lip gloss.

We feel asleep for a few minutes, exhausted. Time had gotten away. It was too late for another session, and I would not have faulted him if he had been unable to do another round. "I had to crawl up to you when it was over," he later confessed.

A week has passed and we have decided to give it another try. I am soaked as I wait the final hour until he arrives . . . maybe I'll go get the toy warmed up!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome--The Clean Towels are on the Shelf to Your Left

We're glad you stopped in. Really.

Why play with two (or three or four) if that means leaving anyone else out of the fun?

Things get wet around here, so you do need to grab a towel and a tall glass of ice water. Help yourself to the pitcher in the fridge.

Settle in, and let me tell you about my birthday present--if I can keep my fingers on the keyboard.


Part of our agenda for my birthday dinner had been set the week before by phone.

"You mean you really don't own any sex toys?"

"No, just the ten--five on each hand."

"All this sex, all this bragging about gushing--and you don't fuck yourself with a dildo?"


"No lube?"

"Don't be silly. Lube is redundant. Haven't you been listening?"

We had started dating the week of a period. I am not squeamish, but I don't like new partners during my period. Somehow it takes away from my favorite thing . . . laying back, opening wide, and shoving my partner's head and tongue deeper and deeper while I thrust my pussy and ass upward to meet his (or her) laps.

Because of this, S and I had been on a date and shared lots of information with our clothes on. I loved knowing that our few chaste kisses coupled with my descriptions of what I liked to do were keeping his cock hard and he was masturbating every morning before work. It was during a phone call that resulted in both of us masurbating and describing how we fucked ourselves that we decided to celebrate my birthday with a trip to the toy store.

We spent the day walking around a fun neighborhood and sharing a great meal. We headed back to the car, barely having mentioned the reason we had gotten an early start, the reason we had planned to be at my apartment by early evening.

"So, you still want to do it?"


"You know, go to the store?"

This is one of the things I love about S. I can send him a list of ideas of things to do on Saturday, and he will still email me and formally ask me if he can have a date with me on Saturday. We're both sweet and old-fashioned that way. Here he was, asking if we were still on for our trip to the toy store and the extended play session we had planned for over two weeks.

"Oh, well of course. A girl has to have her birthday present. If I don't get it, I won't feel like you are treating me like a lady, now will I?"

S grinned and helped me into the truck. (Yes, he drives a truck--for which I was grateful once the toy was in hand--or at least in someplace. We needed to be above the line of sight of our fellow drivers, as it turned out.)

"I like this one," I said. As is typical, I forgot to even try to control my voice as I pulled a harness designed to go around one's head so that a penis protruded from the chin.

S blushed.

"These are bigger than I had in mind. I wanted a little dildo to help break in that ass," he whispered. "And some lube--I don't care what you say, I'm getting some flavored lube so I can finger and lick that little asshole until it is ready for something bigger."

I wrapped my arm around his waist, happy that this conservative-looking Irish Catholic was full of surprises. I waited for his suggestion.

"Let's try this one."

"It's a little small," I countered before I could catch myself. I forget that I developed some crazy expectations spending a decade and a half with a man of equine proportions.

"Well, it does some tricks," he grinned. Showing me that the bright-pink dildo could bend at one end so that the studs sticking up at the bottom of its eight-inch shalf could rub my clit.

The prospect of the hard nubs against my clit brought it and my nipples to life. I squeezed S around his waist, and we quickly selected his flavored lube, my mild protests subsiding at the thought of some extra encouragement to break in my uncharacteristically shy ass. We agreed to forego a small dildo to open up my ass and just to explore what could happen with S's tongue and fingers for the time being.

"I have to try it with the batteries . . . we have a no-return policy," said the pretty girl at the counter as she freed my dildo from its container. "No, no . . . can you get another one?" she said as she tried to turn it on to know avail.

Fortunately, S selected an identical dildo. I was too mesmerized and weak in the knees as I watched her long fingers around my new bright-pink friend.

She tried again. "Can you try?" she said as a large bear of a man emerged from the back room and stepped behind the counter.

"I've got the touch," he said as my big penis roared to life.

"What are you doing tonight, then?!" I asked.

S and I drove for batteries. I stayed in the car to avoid having to pay for parking and (my real motivation) to unwrap my gift. I took a quick look around and lifted my hips to pull down my panties. I slipped the dildo between my legs and began gently rocking as it massaged my slit from back to front.

"Ok, let's try this out," S said as he reached for the bag.

Feeling the empty bag, he looked at me.

"Uhm, here," I rolled to one side so he could reach under me for the dildo.

"And the lube is good, too," I let him lick my fingers as he inserted the batteries.

I slipped the big cock back into position before twisting it on.

"Oh!" I closed my eyes as it shuttered into action.

Our ride home included the most pleasurable traffic jam ever, including a lot of jokes about how S's employer would find him with his face buried in the seat, refusing to leave his car Monday morning. I brought myself to orgasm time and again, using the hard nubs to play with my clit.

"You hardly ever stick it in!" S commented.

"I'm saving myself for you," I teased as I fed him my juicy fingers.

"You saw that," I said as a taller truck roared past without S having given me a warning.

"I don't think you really mind," he grinned.