Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quiet Time

Yes, gentle readers, I can already here the gasps of surprise, but I've been going through a less "busy" period.

Action? I could have it. I just don't.

However, I often let my fingers make up for the difference.

I close my eyes and imagine a favorite fantasy--like having four or five men with hard cocks just waiting to pound my wet pussy. I spread my fingers and immediately go for my clit--it takes almost no warm-up to get started.

In my mind, one guy is nuzzling my pussy with his mouth while another sticks his cock in my mouth. I reach for the other cock and indicate that the guy should press it between my breasts. The final one gets my hands.

It does not take long for the first guy to be ready to enter me. I tell him that, since he's done such a good job, he'll be first in line. For now, though, he has to trade places with the guy in my mouth so that guy can earn his right to fuck my pussy. The guy in my mouth withdraws, and I taste myself on the first one's face as he kisses me while the second one gets to work on a second gushing orgasm from me.

I spread my legs and then tighten my thights around his face. He begins sucking my clit. I begin sucking the guy who just did such a good job, but it is hard to concentrate.

I am coming . . . in real life and in my fantasy. My hand is soaked. I suck on it, while the guys in my mind change spots.

Finally, the third goes to work. He begins licking gently. I make him stop. I turn over and get on my knees, and direct him to do his work from behind. I have to reposition everyone, so I alternate between two cocks in my mouth. I direct the guy who hasn't served me yet to go hold my pussy open for the one who is licking me. Before long, I realize they have excelled in the joint endeavor. One is licking my ass while the other licks my pussy. I stop sucking the cocks because the pleasure is so intense. I just soak up the feel of tongues and fingers. One of the other two gets the idea and slides under me, placing his lips directly on my clit. I explode in an orgasm, and the guy under me actually makes choking noises.

I tell the one who was not involved in the three-way licking to clean up the mess. I roll over on my back and kiss and lick the three who have just excelled as the fourth cleans my pussy with his tongue.

When I am satisfied with the cleaning, I let the first one go between my legs with his cock. I lean back with complete pleasure, completely satisfied.

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