Monday, December 10, 2007

After the Break

A very wise and perverted man once said that it is good to experiment with monogamy sometimes because it reminds us why we live on the other side of the tracks.

My experiment ended abruptly and painfully. Friends sometimes question my willingness to meet men through Internet contact because they believe some of my casual encounters might be dangerous. However, although I consider proper precautions to be important whenever I meet someone new, no one I met for sex has ever hurt me in the way it hurts when a more traditional relationship ends. It makes me think that a big part of traditional, monogamous relationships is the fear it instills--fear because you know this might end badly, and fear because you know you have given away your power more fully than any bottom in any group thing anywhere.

My recent break-up with us, delivered suddenly after I agreed to his request that we date exclusively, set me back emotionally. I have been unable to post. It was so bad I did not visit Jefferson over at for over a month. Fortunately, I have found constant solace in some of my like-minded friends. Like N. Everybody needs a friend like N. Here's why:

N and I did not fuck until the second time we met. I don't even remember why. During our first meeting, I suggested that I would like to visit a lake in a nature preserve near the restaurant where we ate. We did not arrive until after dark. N did not so much kiss me as begin eating me out at my mouth--I could tell that his tongue had a great sense of direction.

I placed my leg over the gear shift to balance across his lap, my legs spread. N squeezed my nipples. I was already very wet from the riding his cock through our clothes--sort of a dry hump minus the dry.

I pulled the seam of my pantyhose until I heard a rip.

"Oh my god," I saw N's eyes travel to my crotch. "You are so dirty. I can't believe you are ripping off your own clothes."

Instead of answering, I inserted my fingers into the hole and shoved my panties aside.

"How can you say I'm dirty?" I kissed him. "After all, I'm wearing these little white panties."

With that, I plunged my fingers into my slit as I looked into N's eyes. He looked down, watching as I pulled my fingers out. I brought them to his mouth and joined him in licking them clean.

"You taste good."

"There's plenty more of that." We kissed again, enjoying the taste of my juices. As I opened my eyes, I saw lights--lots of light. Busted.

"Tell them we are a married couple looking to 'spice things up,'" I said as I rolled over to my own seat and adjusted my skirt.

N started the car and drove away. The police did not follow.

I felt just a little regretful, wishing for the chance to show them what their fellow officer had enjoyed the week before.

And then, there was the time we got a room . . . .

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