Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Adventures with My Toy--After the Car Ride

S and I almost regretted it when traffic cleared because it meant the end of our car ride. The new toy had stayed anchored between my legs almost the entire time, providing S and sometimes a fellow motorist with a show. I was very, very wet by the time we got home. When we pulled in to my house, I stashed the toy in its bag and helped S clean my hands and fingers.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

"Don't wipe away any of that wonderful pre-cum you mentioned," I said. "Haven't I told you I love being a cum dump? The only way I want you cleaned up is if I do it."

I found him in the bedroom. He was standing to take off his jeans. I placed my hands around the outside of his thighs as I lowered myself to my mattress, which is very low and near the floor.

I took his cock in my mouth, not touching it with my lips as it went in--only blowing on it. I then tightened my lips and pulled up quickly, as if for a lollypop. As my mouth came to the end, I did not pop and let go but began sucking hard to pull it back into my mouth. I loved feeling him get harder and harder, and felt intoxicated by the taste of his pre-cum.

I felt S's hands rocking me back by my shoulders. He pushed me back onto the bed and swiveled my hips to one side. I gasped in anticipation as he lifted my short skirt, remembering all of the times he had promised to lick me for hours and not to be satisfied until his face was soaked.

I cooperated, pulling my skirt up so my pussy was exposed. I spread my legs wide, bringing my feet together behind S's neck.

S began teasing me with kisses on my upper thighs, but I could not stand it. I tightened my feet against the back of his head, shoving it into my cunt.

His first few kisses were running his tongue up one side of my clit and down the other. My clit is very large and protrudes so there are actually four very sensitive sides in addition to the top. He gave each side the needed attention before sucking the top and pulling my entire clit into his mouth.

I wriggled as I released my first gush into his mouth. I pulled myself up to watch him licking frantically.

"Don't worry; there's lots more." I shoved his head deeper. "No," I moaned as he lifted his head away. I reached for his head, crazy at the thought he would move from between my legs.

I need not have worried. Instead of moving away, he ground his stubbly chin into the top of my pussy. I gasped as he pulled my legs even wider, moving his chin downward toward my open, hungry cunt. As his chin moved, he leaned forward and began tracing after it with his tongue, all the way until his chin had tickled my ass and his tongue began to move inside of it. He abruptly pulled his tongue out and began repeating the entire performance. I heard my juices hitting his face and head.

"You almost drowned me," he looked up from me from where he had placed his head on my stomach. I could feel the juices dripping from his face, and knew the bed beneath us was hot and soaked.

"More. Please." I begged.

S laughed as he again brought his chin down on my outer mound, this time wiggling back and forth until it found my clit. He repeated the chit-to-asshole stroke three more times. Each time my happy pussy marked his arrival at my clit by gushing loudly against his face.

"Come up here."

S complied and brought me my juices. He leaned over me and kissed me as I cleaned the juices from his face, neck, and chest. I brought them back to his mouth on my tongue again and again.

I squeezed his cock, amazed to find it still hard. "Here." I patted my chest.

S complied by placing a knee on each side of my chest, his ass over my face. I guided his hips downward until his balls touched my lips. I opened wide and sucked, and the balls went into my mouth as if there was a magnetic attraction. I swished the balls and tongued S's sac while reaching through his legs with my right hand. As I began massaging his hard cock, he leaned forward to my pussy.

"Fuck my mouth," I ordered. I tipped my head back and opened my mouth completely as he stuck his cock into my mouth. I stubbornly refused to suck, slapping his butt until he was pounding my throat at the rythym I wanted.

I heard the rustling of a sack, followed by the hum of my new toy.

S pulled upward on my thigh, and I thrust my hips unward. I expected the huge dildo to enter my pussy, but instead felt the huge, vibrating nubs at the end against my ass. I ground into them.

"Please give me some more."

I felt a warm sensation, which I realized later was lube--something I had never tried--being massaged into my ass. S again pulled my legs up and open and then moved his head to my ass.

I screamed from almost the second he pulled it open with a finger at each side and inserted his tongue. I bucked my clit against his chin. I did not know I was cumming again until I heard S coughing. Instead of letting me up, he pushed my legs further open. My ass felt like he was trying to stick his entire head inside.

After I came again, I pulled S's cock from my mouth. He turned around, instinctively aware that I wanted to put all the attention on his cock. I patted my chest, asking him to mount me again the same way. This time, he faced me. I pulled my short dress up and over my head, then scooped each breast up out of its bra cup.

"Here," I said. I lifted the middle part of the bra.


"Yeah, right here." S was a quick learner. He stuck his cock under my bra--one of my favorite positions. The bra holds it between my breasts. I squeezed them together around S's cock and began moving up and down. As he began thrusting, I lowered my mouth so that the tip of his cock popped in and out of my mouth with each thrust.

"Where do you want me to come?"

I told S that my last birthday wish was a pearl necklace. He granted my wish, and laid beside me as we cleaned each other up. He was adorably reluctant when I gave him his cum on my finger tips, but gobbled it up greedily once I used it as lip gloss.

We feel asleep for a few minutes, exhausted. Time had gotten away. It was too late for another session, and I would not have faulted him if he had been unable to do another round. "I had to crawl up to you when it was over," he later confessed.

A week has passed and we have decided to give it another try. I am soaked as I wait the final hour until he arrives . . . maybe I'll go get the toy warmed up!

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